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Heather Barber founder of Minty Moose

Heather Barber, founder of Minty Moose

I am a work at home mother with two almost grown up children.  Originally I started selling various craft items when we were fundraising for them to go to an international Scout camp in Holland.

Once they came back, I realised that I enjoyed both the making of the crafts and the meeting with customers, and decided to continue.  I dabbled a little initially, attending a local community market and meeting various people.

At the beginning of 2013, I took the plunge and registered my business with HMRC.  My plan was to try a variety of venues at different times of the year and see which were successful.  I joined one market that was unfortunately closed by the local traders; I have met a variety of other traders and organisers, many of whom I have enjoyed working alongside, and now trade from a few regular fairs and markets.

Although the products I now make are a little different from what I started with, the main target is to take various items that are surplus and turn them into something new that looks better or serves a new purpose.  These can often be personalised items, so are completely unique.

The journey of the last three and half years have been an interesting experience, but it has given me lots of ideas that I am happy to share with you!

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