On Saturday I attended the first North Wiltshire Sustainability Day which was a mixture of speakers and displays finishing off with a musical performance from Talis Kimberley and her band. The theme of the day was discussing the practical ways that the local communities can take to improve their sustainability.
The initial impression was the idea of giving attendees a green pipe cleaner as their pass into the talks, rather than a plastic wrist band, was an interesting angle.

Minty Moose Sustainability Day
So there were talks from the Ramblers and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Good Energy and Oxfam, as well as displays from a variety of associations such as The Green Party and the Seed Cooperative. finishing the day with live music on a green theme.

Minty Moose Sustainability Day - live music
I think everyone went away with ideas of how they could, both individually and collectively, change what they could do.